"Nicastro describes life in ancient Athens with a vividness that leaps from the page ... I was charmed by the notion of a teenaged Alexander with greasy hair and acne—an image characteristic of Nicastro's humanizing approach. He avoids both apologetics and exaggerated sensationalism, making EMPIRE OF ASHES one of the best recent novels on the conqueror."
—Jeanne Reames, Amphora

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"EMPIRE OF ASHES manages to be many things at the same time. The book is a grand historical epic combined with a court-room drama and political intrigue. Believable characters rise off the page in clear, evocative language. Nicastro has a talent for capturing the attitude and motivations of historical times, and creating stories which tell us something about our current time and situation. The result is a captivating and compelling page-turner."
—Pamela Goddard, Ithaca Times

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"EMPIRE OF ASHES is great historical fiction. Nicholas Nicastro paints an entirely believable portrait of the world of Alexander the Great, with the period detail and nuance that gives the reader a true feel for the time period. Even better, he resists simply regurgitating our common understanding of Alexander, and instead presents an unexpected and at times startling picture of a hero we thought we knew, but perhaps did not. EMPIRE OF ASHES is both fast-paced and scholarly, a difficult combination to achieve, but Nicastro succeeds beautifully."

—James L. Nelson, author of The Only Life That Mattered and The Revolution at Sea saga

"EMPIRE OF ASHES is a great read. I loved the style and thought the framing device of the court case was fascinating and gripping. The sights, sounds and social life of ancient Athens came to life for me in a way that few historical novels seem to manage. The characters were carefully and convincingly created and forced me to make various judgements about them, and then revise them, just as real people do. The action scenes were great too. Grim and gritty and vividly brought to life. All in all a great achievement..."

—Simon Scarrow, author of The Eagle and the Wolves and The Eagle's Conquest

ISBN 0451213661

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