Ella Maud

In this novel set in the early 1900s, one act tragically ruins the lives of two families...Based on a true story, this work of speculative fiction explores the murder of Ella Maud ‘Nell’ Cropsey, the attractive, 20-year-old standout of a large family of transplanted Northerners in Elizabeth City, North Carolina...In this well-researched book, Nicastro cannily reveals just enough about Nell’s death to make readers uneasy until just before the wistful conclusion. Nell is gone, but her death also effectively ends the lives of Jim, Ollie, William, and Mary, the sisters’ long-suffering mother. The author skillfully makes his point that one misdeed produces many victims. The author continues his successful run of historical fiction with this thought-provoking crime tale.




Murder, mayhem, and deception stain the Kansas prairie in this historical novel of the Old West. This meticulously researched, vividly told story marries an almost biblical poetry to the rough action of a Western. Readers who can stomach its violence will find a bleak beauty in this portrayal of one of the American prairie’s ugliest stories...A heavenly retelling of a hellish tale.


on Hell's Half-Acre

Nicastro is an author who clearly relishes his subject. Each sentence bursts with juicy, nurturing historical detail and considered thought about the hopes, aspirations, ideals and troubles of those who lived in the distant past... This book allows the reader to inhabit the Golden Age of Athens, and to taste its grit as well as its glory.

--BETTANY HUGHES, BBC & PBS TV on Antigone's Wake

Nicastro delivers the deeply human story of a multitalented genius whose tenure as the head of Alexandria's famed library occasioned remarkable achievements in literature, history, linguistics, and philosophy...A distant yesterday still furnishes fascinating drama for readers today.



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Novelist Nicholas Nicastro was born in Astoria, NY in 1963. His education includesa B.A. in English from Cornell University (1985), an M.F.A. in filmmaking from New York University (1991), an M.A. in archaeology and a Ph.D in psychology from Cornell (1996 and 2003). He has also worked as a film critic, a hospital orderly, a newspaper reporter, a library

archivist, a college lecturer in anthropology and psychology, an animal behaviorist, and an advertising salesman. His writings include short fiction, travel and science articles in such publications as The New York Times, The New York Observer, Film Comment, Archaeology, and The International Herald Tribune. 


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